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  • Things You Should Never Say to a Graphic Designer

    28 September 2017

    Hello MLE,

    Was cleaning out my computer and found a link to this classic blog post. It is over two years old now, but still good! 

    20 Things You Should Never Say to a Graphic Designer – But Probably Do.

    I have heard every one of them from clients many times, as I am sure most designers have. It doesn't bother me too much however, because I am also guilty of saying many of these things to my poor designers! It is okay. No one is perfect. Not everyone is born as an experienced design producer, and even if you were, the design process cannot be controlled all the time. Many of these common asks are possible - granted the time and budget is available, but often this is not necessary. Creative workarounds and problem solving are usually best.

  • SAGMEISTER banana wall

    23 December 2016

    Hi the MLE,

    Thanks for the link, and it is true that this is something I could see us doing. How graphic design changes with time is something that we have always been interested in, and we have done quite a few experiments around this.

    Here Sagmeister has made a wall of 10 000 green and yellow bananas, to see how the wall changes over time. What surprises me as well, is how perfectly all the bananas fit together, it must have been a challenge to pick out 10 000 that are all the same size.
    I'm sure we will speak before, but have a nice Christmas! Hope there is snow over there in Stockholm. 


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  • paprika 01/100

    5 August 2016

    Hello MLE,

    Almost the weekend…

    I found this project online by Paprika, my favourite Montreal graphic design studio, along with Balistique.  Thought you might like it.  It was created to be distributed with Wayward Arts, a magazine promotion for the printing company, “Flash Reproductions.”  A different design studio curates each new issue.

    A different business card was created for 100 influential persons, from Voltaire, to Isaac Newton, to Queen Elizabeth the first.  Each uses various finishing processing to show off the printing company’s skills. Must have been a big, but very fun job.

    Have a nice weekend!

    Suzan xx
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