• what?

    We collaborate with Science organisations to communicate complex and often abstract concepts that are difficult to visualise for wide range of audiences. We also work with Arts organisations to uncover what is truly unique, and we visualise this for a deeper audience relationship.

    Websites, branding, donor gift design, books and the ability to work across all mediums are our specialties.

    Branding / Logos / UX/UI design / Animation / Websites / Social media / Donor gift design / Invitations / Book design / Brochures / Annual reports / Catalogues
  • why?

    After completing a degree in neuroscience, Suzan expected to go to medical school to become a psychiatrist, but instead followed her other passion and went to art school. While there, she discovered design—and a third passion.

    As a designer, she worked at some of the top advertising, digital and branding agencies in Montreal, San Francisco and London before founding MOTHandRUST, which integrates her three loves: art, science and design. 

    MOTHandRUST believe in the power of art and design to shine a light on science, to infuse it with humanity, to make it visual, and to underscore its importance.

    We are a team of creative specialists based across Europe. We collaborate closely and deliver globally.
  • who?

    Scientific research institutes and centers / Higher education and academic institutions / Biotechnology services and products / Museums / Galleries / Performing arts venues, ensembles and charities / Set designers / Costume designers / Artists

    SCIENCES: Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard; McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT; Johns Hopkins School of Medicine; National Institute for Medical Research

    ARTS: Unicorn Theatre; Wilton's Music Hall; Actors' Benevolent Fund; Brigitte Reiffenstuel

    COMMERCIAL: EY; The Hospital Club; Nordicity; Common Wealth