• what?

    “Design is where Science and Art break even.”
    - Robin Mathew

    We help purpose-led organisations grow and connect with their audiences, customers, and donors.

    Our focus is websites and branding, but we often work across other design mediums - what’s most important is the result.
  • why?

    We have developed a strong track record with organisations in the Arts and Sciences fields. We are often asked why we work for such polar opposites…

    The similarities between how artists and how scientists work far outweigh their stereotypical differences. The scientist’s lab and the artist’s studio are places of open inquiry and experimentation. Both are dedicated to answering the big questions. Both work to push society forward. Both are endlessly inspiring.
  • who?

    Suzan Dann co-founded MOTHandRUST in 2010. With degrees in both Biopsychology and Graphic Design, her background is a mix of painting, calculus, psychology, print making, and biology.

    She has created award winning print, web, and branding work in New York, Montreal, San Francisco, and London for clients such as Wonderbra, Cirque du Soleil, Xbox and eBay.  

    Based in London, MOTHandRUST has a creative network in cities across Europe and America, and clients around the world.